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Annual 2023 Imperial Session

130th Imperial Council Session and
112th Imperial Court Session

AUGUST 19, 2023 - AUGUST 24, 2023

Youth Headquarters: Barrymore Hotel

111 W. Fortune Street
Tampa, Florida 


Tampa, Florida

Fun Facts...

Tampa, Florida is home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Football Team. It is also known for its baseball and hockey teams. In the world of our youth, Tampa is famous for its attractions like Sea World, Bush Gardens, Tampa Zoo, Florida Aquarian, the Children's Art Centers, Horseback Riding, the Riverwalk, video arcades and more.  Join us as we look to embark upon another adventure with the Imperial Youth Department. See you soon!

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Imperial Youth Department
Imperial Session Forms

Registration Documents & Forms

Letter from Director

Letter of Intent Form

Imperial Youth Department Schedule

  2023 Imperial Session Registration Form

  2023 Housing Registration Form

Competition Forms

Clown Competition

Drill Competition

Drumline & Flag Competition

Drumline Competition

Essay Competition

Participation & Medical Permission

Chaperone Form

Registration Form

Youth Photo Release Form

Travel Distribution Form

Flagline Competition

Inspection Competition

PomPom Competition

Talent Show Registration

Talent Competition

Department Survey


Special Event Information

Spelling Bee - Practice Words

Youth will compete based on the appropriate school levels: Elementary, Middle School and High School. Each student will take turns spelling out the word (time allotted 30-seconds). Students will continue to the next round if they spell the word correctly. The students who spell all the words correctly throughout each round, wins!

King and Queen Contest: Tiny Tots, Junior and Senior Competition

(Feel free to use this packet with your local youth clubs)


Gaming Competition

Participating youth will compete on behalf of their  Temple and Court, for the highest score during 7-minute rounds. Youth will compete based on the appropriate school levels: Elementary, Middle School and High School. The highest score wins.

Signup to compete when you arrive at

Imperial Session!

Art Contest

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